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If you can have Minecraft, you can check out a 1 to 1 scale version of the primary castle in Masquerade, Castle Dacre.

You can download the map Zip file with instructions on how to install it here.


The world of Masquerade is one of assassins, nobles, and deception. In a providence known as the Eastern Territories, there has been a long history of bad blood between the countries that reside there. Though in this modern era, there has been a relative peace in the form of an alliance headed by the most powerful country in world, Avalot. This federation, managed by a collective of aristocrats known as the Court of Nobles, attempts to stand the test of time after a brutal war with the western nation of Berma. Enemies still long for power in the teetering concord, as the other nobles wait on baited breath for the balance to shift in any direction.



Named for the many eagles that roam the skies, Avalot is centered in the Territories making it a bread basket of culture and trade. The fertile farmlands and warm plains also make an ideal place to live, with many of its subjects having the highest quality of life in the world. Avalot has a host of major cities, but none so grand as the capital city known as Avo. Located on the coast, Avo stands as the headquarters of the Court of Nobles and a marvel of modern architecture. It is also the setting of both the Masquerade game and story.

Important Notes:

  • Avalot is the setting of the game.
  • Avo is the capital of Avalot, and home to the Court of Nobles.
  • Has many knights and a monarchy.
  • Held in contempt by many less well-to-do rivals.


Over thirty years ago, the small, unsuspecting nation of Berma made a startling technological discovery that forever changed the face of combat in the world. Known by their enemies as gunpowder, the black substance singlehandedly equipped the knights of Berma with the firepower necessary to become an empire. Ruled by the mysterious Emperor Narvineous, Berma’s rampage was only quelled by the might of the Avalotian army, an ending that left both sides unhappy. Because of their former insignificance, few people know much about the mountainous land of Berma. Those that do are only loyal to the Emperor.

Important Notes:

  • An empire which has consumed neighboring nations.
  • The Queen of Avalot is the daughter of the Emperor.
  • Using new technology in the form of gunpowder to boost their small armies.
  • Previously a poor and starving mountain nation, primarily focused on mining.

The Pinelands

Often looked at as the second biggest, or second best, nation in comparison to Avalot, the Pinelands is its southern neighbor. The nation makes a fortune on timber and trade, boasting the largest navy in the world. The people of the Pinelands are proud and as old as the many trees that make up the country, living as fisherman or lumberjacks. But don’t underestimate these simple-living folks. They make up a good bulk of the East’s strength, and are just as experienced as Avalot in war.

Important Notes:

  • Its people love wood and even lives in trees in some cases.
  • They are a proud people to the point of stubbornness.
  • They have the largest navy in the world of 2,000 ships.
  • Their monarchy is headed by one of the oldest families in the world.

The Pale Reach

Flying the flag of a pure white horse, the Pale Reach was once one of the most powerful countries in the world. Ruined by a longstanding feud with Avalot and the Pinelands, the Reach has decayed into a shell of its former glory. Extremely religious and devote, the Reachman all follow the Dragon Faith and believe the world will eventually be consumed by fire. The Reach is a land of white trees and mountains, held by its inhabitants as a sign of its purity but to its outsiders a showing of its rotting history. Tred carefully through these lands though, many bandits lurk in the fields.

Important Notes:

  • Former enemies of both Avalot and the Pinelands.
  • Very religion to the point of zealotry.
  • Infamous for lots of highwaymen lurking in their vast fields.
  • On the decay since a great war around one hundred years ago.


While many nations choose brawn as their primary strengths, Farqual, nestled in the safe fields between Berma and the Pale Reach, focuses on the aspects of the mind. With only one major city, their capital of Briggham, the Farqualians exist to expand their knowledge. Spies and information traders are the professions of choice in the streets of Briggham. Truth is a valued resource in the country, and some people would pay handsomely to known certain facts. Don’t underestimate the Farqualians. They know how to handle anyone who invades them.

Important Notes:

  • Has no former army, but lots of information on opponents.
  • Renowned for their spies and information brokers.
  • Harbors resentment for being invaded by Berma.
  • Massive underground society and trading.

The Sea of Sands

Not so much a nation as it is a federation, the expansive dessert to the south of the continent is home to some of the most rugged people in the world. A graveyard of fortresses line the outskirts of the wasteland, marking where great battles once occurred between Avalot and the Pale Reach. In these old bastions, the people of the dessert have made their homes, using the great Spring Flow River as a source of life and food. United by their sense of survival, the sand dwellers stand together in an alliance between these fortress-cities, maintaining their independence from all neighboring nations.

Important Notes:

  • Not a nation, but a group of fortresses converted into cities.
  • A barren wasteland without any source of food outside the Spring Flow River.
  • The site of a great war between Avalot, the Pale Reach, and the Pinelands.
  • Largest and most diverse culture in the world.



Though nothing more than a tiny island off the coast of Avalot, Pokol has evolved in recent times to be a major competitor in trade. The island nation is only country in the Eastern Territories in open trade with the eastern providence of Cheng, making their goods some of the most exotic in the world. This grip on eastern trade is helped by the cheap labor of the locals, who are descendants of exiled convicts. Indeed, the entire island has a dark history with rebels and pirates, though that is conveniently swept all under the rug when there are visitors.

Important Notes:

  • Has a history of convicts and pirates that make up the nation.
  • Greatest open trade market in the world.
  • Cheap labor, but resentful workers.
  • Former naval base of the Pinelands.

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