About the Creators

Masquerade started as a single man project but is slowly growing into a dedicated team of people invested in improving the game and expanding the story. There is no formal office, but anyone can refer to this website if there are any questions.

Michael Bujtas

CoolDudeA game designer and the man who originally came up with the concept. Michael is also the writer behind the Masquerade novel. He ran the Kickstarter which was a success and is also the management behind the website. If you have any questions, you should refer to him by email.

Website – http://www.michaelbujtas.com/

Email – michaelbujtas@gmail.com


Deanna Vaida

deannaAn impressive 2D artist, Deanna was responsible for sketching then drawing all of the 61 characters in the Masquerade card game. She has also helped with much of the drawn art you can see around the website.

Website – http://deannavaida.daportfolio.com/




Elliott Lutton

ElliottWhile Deanna did the drawn art, the new Masquerade logo along with the entire book and card design was done by Elliott Lutton, a visionary young graphic designer.

Website – http://elliottlutton.com/

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