About the Story

The King is Dead. Or at least, he will be soon. In the land of Avalot, King Alric Dacre rules what is considered the strongest nation in the entire world, with vast armies, plentiful farmlands, and excellent trade. Unfortunately, with prosperity comes jealousy, and you don’t get to the top without making a few enemies. For power or vengeance, someone wants poor Alric dead.KingAlric

You are one such guest attending one of Alric’s many masquerade balls. This party is destined to be Alric’s last, potentially. The problem is you aren’t the only one employing assassins. Three other guests are all seeking the death of Alric, foes you’ll have to combat if you want a swing at the King. Or perhaps you’ll seek an alternative and protect the King. Old Alric would certainly reward any aspiring noble who saved his life.

For power or for country, the fate of the kingdom is in your hands. But remember to have fun! It is a party, after all!

But if you’re REALLY curious about the plot, feel free to read the first chapter of the Masquerade novel.

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